Dekker Photography

I am hopefully going to be working with this fella again soon for an amazing fashion project which I am going to try my upmost hardest to kind of keep a secret.

So I got to go and shoot with a fantastic photographer and what I consider good friend, Shawn Bishop at Scarlet Door Studios in Bracknell. What is nice about working with Shawn is that both of us have really come a phenomenal way since working together first of all years back in 2010. Little to say what we produce today is far superior to what we did then for natural reasons, but it is so so refreshing and endearing to see yourself, and somebody else at the same time, work forwards and evolve themselves as a creative. 

I love working with Shawn, the fact that we produced nine amazing sets in 4 hours justifies this. We work well together - his honesty and bluntness is charming in all aspects and he is a very genuine sincere person who is thoughtful and considerate as well as being knowledgeable with his own technicalities and style.  A lot of people have worked with Shawn and rightly so, and new models should definitely aim to get his work in their portfolio because he really does work hard and smart. 

I got up at seven to prep myself for the shoot and do the ever tiresome job of curling my hair and was good to go by 9ish. Me and my other half ventured up there in little over an hour and a half, had a cup of tea and went from there without a second thought. Steve learnt a thing or two about lighting and is now considering photography as a venture and Shawn and I produced a few amazing sets without having to really think about it, anything from fashion to nude to glamour. Little to say I still lack the ability to sexily pull off a ‘floortrait’ because I am not naturally sexy but I gave it a cracking go. 

Next up with Shawn I have an ace up my sleeve in the form of a car to rival the Granada we shot with back in 2010 if not better it, so we are on a location shoot in the next couple of months for sure! And I simply can’t wait, I already have some images to share with some designer lingerie from my ever slow collecting collection which I am thrilled about. All in all, a bloody good day, filled with lots of tea and a whooping Mcdonalds on the way home. 
I definitely don’t fit in the kiddies play area anymore sadly.


I was gifted this set from the wonderful Playful Promises Brand Manager and was over the moon to have the chance to represent a lingerie brand that is one of my favourites, in fact from having this set I purchased another recently because the quality really is phenomenal. I worked for Playful Promises a long while back in the Carnaby street branch and wore a whole ensemble of theirs and never really stopped following and adoring them.

The Paradise set isn’t one that I would of choose myself therefore to me it is a blessing because you’ll most likely have seen it in my modelling photos combined with one of the Playful Promises classic black suspender belts as I have not yet found the matching Garter to go with this set as it is no longer on the website. 

The Longline bra is surprisingly easy to get on and off, making it ideal to wear out and about with comfort and ease. I love the fact that the set is simply so so comfortable and supportive unlike a lot of other brand sets I have which, although are comfortable to wear for naughty bedtime antics or shoots, not for wearing realistically. Not only that but it also is very adaptable, it is subtly sexy and incredibly flirty. The eyelash lace over the top of the very striking teal satin is gorgeous and really does catch the light well across the body and compliment your features as opposed to being the feature. The same goes for the brief, being sheer elasticated mesh to really show off your bum and be sensible enough to be wearable but naughty enough to be playful.

I’ve worn this set for shoots quite a bit now, so it will most likely be kept away safe for a little while and make a return every so often because it really is a stunning set. Like I mentioned unfortunately you can’t purchase this one anymore but Playful Promises is definitely a brand you should keep your eyes on because the seasonally bring out gorgeous lingerie.

Lingerie Review: Made By Niki Classics - Sheer Girdle Magic Bum

So I got my hands on a Made by Niki piece for a real bargain of £15.00, where they normally retail for roughly £75.00 to £89.00 depending where you shop these kinds of things are usually well out of my price range. Of course, I understand designer and independent lingerie designers are always a little more pricey than your high street brands and rightly so but I am not somebody who is going to be able to pay a full whack for one piece of a set because a) I would die from not being able to afford the full matching set and b) I just don’t earn that kind of wage to justify a spend like that. So when this finally arrived in the post I was more than excited and rightly so. 

The Magic Girdle isn’t something, as a smaller slender person, that I need. Instead this was more of my liking for the design and the fact that this particular white piece I really liked, and I’m not a liker of white. It is made from French Charmeuse, lace and powermesh and when recommended to buy a size larger than usual, I didn’t and I can understand why. This girdle literally fits perfectly. Even for somebody of my size it really does lift, flatter and flatten your bum to put any kind of curves in all of the right places. 

It has a side zip, which I missed originally as it is so beautifully sewn together, and removable suspenders. This is a really physically strong yet pretty piece of lingerie. It is comfortable, personally I wouldn’t wear it as shapewear simply because it is so flattering and pretty, but it is purpose-built and does a good job of it. 

You can see that the sheer mesh is really really sexy, without knickers or briefs underneath makes for a very perfect bottom-wear and I love the effect it gives on the hipline making it the focal point as opposed to your bum - although it does definately define the buttox sensationally.  

I hope to be a proud owner of a full Made by Niki set soon enough as my little eyes constantly are scanning over, hopefully I will be able to find something to match this as a top half soon enough as I will definitely be taking it on a few shoots.


I wrote this out once and my laptop being as wonderful as it is deleted the whole thing, so I begin again on the awesome that is Dekker Photography. Style is either learnt or comes naturally to a photographer, and to say it is easy for Dekker is an understatement at best. A photographer which has an uncanny ability to bring out more from a model than most photographers would even glimpse in many a shoot let alone the few hours he spends in company of them. 
I have nothing more than the highest word to say about Dekker, he is an incredible man as well as a photographer and is genuine down to the tee. His hobby has blossomed into a well known and admired work which is recognised by many across the industry and rightfully so. 

1. Do you find photography as a hobby more rewarding?

 Absolutely — as a hobby, it means I can focus on the creative, fun nature of photographing people. Many shots I see these days, there’s a definite lack of rapport between the model and the photographer. I probably spend nearly as much time making tea and chatting about music/movie as I do shooting. I genuinely feel that is what differentiates my resultant photography from others.

It also means I shoot what I want, when I want. The minute anything becomes a job, you start to have to take on work you don’t necessarily want to do. I can imagine that saps away your creativity over time.

2. If you could have any feature from an animal, what would you want?

Hmm, I’m not entirely sure — friends at my high school used to say I was like a fox. Don’t know if that was because they thought I was sneaky and intelligent…or that all the women who chased me were dogs…?  Ok, I’ll be serious…um, I’d love to be able to fly. It’d give you a completely different perspective on things. As humans, we’re generally limited to 2 of the 3 dimensions, it’d be awesome to think and move in a totally different way.

3. Who have been your favourite models to work with so far?

Difficult question! My favourite models are often the ones I get along with the best, being just beautiful is certainly not good enough. The lovely Natasha Kalashnikova and Kristina Labahn are two stunning, yet utterly lovely people to work with. (…and yourself of course.)

4. What is your summer agenda photographically wise?

Packed already! Plenty of very exciting shoots lined up — Natalie Phillips, Sinderalla Rockerfella and Kristina Labahn are 3 I’m particularly excited about and that’s just in June! I’m looking to push myself in a few different directions creatively so I don’t get bored too!

5. What is the ultimate dessert?

I’m a huge meringue fan — I could pretty much just eat that by itself. Although my mum’s Christmas creme brulee is an extremely close second.


Dekker’s style is raw and sexy, with a finesse which extracts beautiful details across his  portfolio - which is an endlessly wonderful list of stunning models and will only ever increase and improve. With fine, yet minimal editing, his photographs hold a superb stance with vibrant colour (Or stunning tonal elegance) and kick-ass poses which really do grab your attention. 
With the ability to create diverse elements in photography, from fashion to fine art nude, this guy has all the tricks up his sleeve. An eye for perspective and a theoretical understanding of form, art and beauty, Dekker makes for a photographer that’s simply extraordinary to work with.