· This blog will be on Hiatus until my bedroom is completely redecorated which should be in about a month ( Maybe a little more depending on financial aspects ect ect ect ) but as soon as that is all ready and I actually have space again to sit and do thinks and think clearly, the blog will kick up again



I am still about - currently working, redecorating my bedroom and sorting out life needs is hectic. I am sort everything out as soon as possible

Hello Cassie. Your blog and portfolio are great. Do you have any recent work with PVC, or paint? We have a project in the pipeline!

I don’t! I’ve been looking to do a paint shoot, depending obviously on the team. Send me a message mr anon at cassie.raeleigh@gmail.com

  · Mild Hiatus. I am shooting this weekend, then I will be learning how to edit images in a very basic manner, re-doing my whole bedroom into a shoot friendly environment then I have everything I could need to optimise my blogging. I have this goalpost in my mind and I am heading towards it.





Cassie in our Butterfly Ouvert lace briefs <3





Regram of these gorgeous prints of @limerae shot by the amazing @erinelizabethkelly with make up by @noellamakeup and thanks to @son_o_skelf and @tillydimples 🐍💕💦 #maliceclothing #malicelingerie #erinelizabethkelly #eek #snake #harness #harnesstop #editorial #fashion #highfashion #cagebra #love #dreamteam


I was lucky and honoured enough to shoot with Katelizabeth this weekend in Durham for the best part of Saturday and Sunday. My chauffeur and best little wonder, Steven, took me there and back for a good total of nine hours driving and made the weekend possible.

Kateelizabeth is nothing less than a complete wonder to shoot with. She was poorly the whole weekend and persevered for the total 24 hours of shooting. Not only that but she is the nicest and most wonderful person who I would like nothing more than to chill out with on the beach with a glass of bubbly or prefered drink and talk and laugh the night away. Little to say I think the lady is a goddess and the photographs are simply to die for.

We shot a total of 6 sets to my knowledge, a whole lot of Santus and Nearer the Moon lingerie on the beach, then a series of Nearer the Moon in a carpark, then the next day took us to Lumley Castle with more Nearer the Moon goodness, then to the studio for some floral princess goodness and an Angela Stringer Corset.  It was wonderful, I am sure there are other designers pieces involved too but they escape my memory at present. 
I am sure some hilarious BTS will crop out from Kate as we ended up doing some hilarious things like running away from security, getting soaked and beaten up by the sea, falling over sand dunes countless times and becoming lesbian parents to a snail called Clyde. 

I cannot wait to blog more in depth about things later on in the coming weeks as things develop - and hey I have my own Canon now to start experimenting with. If only I had some of these pieces with me at home. You’ll have to envy them from here for the time being.